Diamond core drills have superseded the old fashioned ‘jack hammering’ method of cutting holes in concrete and other building materials. The core barrels have their tips encrusted with industrial diamonds, which enable them
to be cut quickly and accurately. Their great advantage is that holes can be drilled to the specified size, exactly where required without the need to put good, infill over sized holes or repair damaged structure. It is a quick and clean process and virtually vibration free process. The machines will drill through concrete, block, brick, steel or any other construction material with ease. 

Diamond drilling is ideal for cutting holes for:

• Installation of pipe work
• Power cables
• Telephone cables
• Ventilation equipment
• Location holes for barriers
• Machine base fixings
• Core samples

Vertical, angled or uphill drilling can be achieved with additional angled rigs and motors on request. Drills are available in various sizes ranging from 6mm diameter up 750mm diameter. Larger sizes can be achieved upon prior request.

diamond drilling

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